The Kingdom of New Zion 

The Kingdom of New Zion 


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Come and get your logos and banners customized I also do family crest Royal seals and ID cards and Christmas cards and business cards and certificates and if you want more information you can contact me for prices. Please give me all your information about your project please send me all your images that you May what you inside of your project if you want to contact me on the contact page just explain what you would and I will get back in touch with you if you want you can visit me on Facebook or go to messenger and message me. The prices vary between $10 and $50. Prices vary for how complicated the project is. Thank you for visiting our site come back soon to see more updates.
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Hosting fees $25 for the 1st page $15 per page after installation of pay thermal PayPal Google pay etc. $35 all one time payments to maintain site $15 per month one month I advance $30 deposit required 1 month in advance Store front depending on items for sale $10 each
Price changes come with monthly maintenance one a month
Once a month