The Kingdom of New Zion 

The Kingdom of New Zion 


Order of The Mageye

Temple flag of the Kingdom of New Zion
Temple flag of the Kingdom of New Zion

Welcome to The Order of The Mageye

Development of mystical and spiritual means for the mystical protection of mankind that holds the priesthood of Qabbalist and Christian theology and other mystical practices. The main goal is to build a Temple in The Kingdom And Government Of New Zion which will be the mystical and spiritual protection of the world located which may be temporarily in Trenton South Carolina where the Temple and School Of New Zion will be built, study classes are at home at the moment times of classes will be given later. Please contact us for more info. The Order Of The Mageye can also do Tarot card readings and amulet making for a donation of any amount is appreciated. Pictures of the example Amulets will be posted on a later date, at the moment cloth and papyrus paper are the only Amulets available. For the readings we need your date of birth, time of birth, Full Name, Spiritual Name if any.If you wish send a picture of yourself for prayers and blessings which can also be requested. Email Rabbi Nicodemuz Chief of The Order Of The Mageye.

( or contact an Elder
(678-899-9168) or by mail (Government Of New Zion 1065 young blood rd. Trenton S.C. 29847 or Embassy Of New Zion at  (P.O. Box 207 Trenton S.C. 29847)  Thank you for your donations and blessings may Elohim shine his grace and blessing upon you and ,any his everlasting peace be with you Ameh.

We are now offering these services a Comprehensive Astrological Birth Chart (Natal Chart) complete with a summary of all twelve major life categories. Concise and easy to understand, this Birth Chart is the finest tool you will find to guide you through any of life's circumstances, as well as understanding​ your past. By having a Birth Chart compiled for each of your social and family circle, you can even delve into your relationships, whether for improving on your bonds, or one-upping that guy at work who always seems to be one step ahead.

 Additional information about your present and future can be obtained by coupling a Tarot Card Reading, personalized to your Birth Chart and Unique Characteristics....
Prices are
1: $50.00 Dollars for Charts 
2: $10.00 Per reading of Tarot Card Reading

Information required for Readings
1: Exact time of Birth
2: City and State you were born in
3: Date of Birth.

I Rabbi Nicodemuz come now asking on behalf of my New Zion Brothers and Sisters so they can have Financial support so they can afford to get the education they would need to be able to go out and  get the Jobs they would be qualified to do so they will be able to be self efficient in the whole community. I am asking for donations of $150.00's every two weeks and if you can't afford that much then please send what you can. All monies sent will be tax exempt and for every $150.00's that is sent there will be a honor and Diner Banquet thrown once a year for all the New Zion Brothers and Sisters and all those who support the New Zion Nation. There will be an invitation sent to all supporters of the brothers and sisters of the New Zion nation to come to the Banquet. Please keep us informed of any of your situations and Pray Request. Thank you and God Bless and may Our Lord Christ be with you and keep watch over you.
You may contact the below Minister for more information
Contact Information: 
The Minister of finances and of the interior of New Zion Mrs. Marie Smith  (678) 899-9168.
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we have a PayPal link as well that you can go and visit on the New Zion website and get the PayPal account information that you may use to donate and get other information 
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  Thank you for your Support and Prayers for the New Zion Nation.

 Daily Devotional prayer for the order of The Mageye of New Zion.

This is the Grand Qabalistic Invocation of Solomon.

“Be favourable unto me ‘put your name’, O ye Powers of the Kingdom Divine! May Glory and Eternity be in my left hand and my right hands so that I may attain to victory! May pity and Justice restore my soul to its original Purity! May Understanding and Wisdom Divine conduct me to the imperishable Crown! Spirit of Malkuth, thou who hast laboured and hast overcome, set me in the path of Good; lead me to the two pillars of the Temple, to Yachan and Hoaz, that I may rest upon them! Angels of Netzach and of Hod, make ye my feet to stand firmly on Yesod! Angel of Gedulah, console me! Angel of Geburah, strike if it must be so; but make me stronger so that I may become worthy of the influence of Tiphereth! Oh Angel of Kether, confer upon me Faith and Hope! Spirits of the Yetzirahtic world, withdraw me from the darkness of Assiah! Oh luminous triangle of the world of Beriah, cause me to see and understand the mysteries of the worlds of Yetzirah and of Atziluth! Oh holy letter Schin! Oh ye Ishim, assist me by the name Shaddai! Oh ye Cherubim, give me strength through Adonai! Oh Beni-Elohim, be brothers unto me in the name Tzabaoth! Oh Elohim, fight for me by the holy Tetragrammaton! Oh Malakim, protect me through Yod Hé Vau Hé! Oh Seraphim, give me holy love in the name Eloah! Oh Chasmalim, enlighten me by the touches of Elohim and Shekina! Oh Aralim, Angels of hours, sustain me by Adonai! Oh Ophanim! Ophanim! Ophanim! Forget me not and cast me not out of the Sanctuary! Oh Chaioth! Ah! Qadosch! Cry aloud as an eagle; speak as a man; roar and bellow: Qadosch! Qadosch! Qadosch! Shaddai. Adonai. Jod-Chavah! Eheieh Asher Eheieh! Amen.”

 Head Prophet of the Temple of New Zion

The father to the his Majesty King Nicodemuz Grand Prince Ray Smith and head Prophet of the Temple of New Zion

Grand Prince Ray Smith
Grand Prince Ray Smith