The Kingdom of New Zion 

The Kingdom of New Zion 


 Welcome to Secure Holding Company of New Zion Inc.

Secure your funds, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin and all cyber currency, you can also invest, we can give you a great return on your investment.

Notice of Warning All payments and donations must go through this official website and to no one else.  Thank you.

Give us a minimum of $500 and we will turn it into $2400 a year or $1200 in 6 months.
No limit on how much you want us to work with.
You will not lose any of the original amount sent to us. You can always ask for that to be sent back to you any time.

But gold and silver coins we sell them at a very
reasonable price.
Be prepared.

There is a 5% referral bonus when you refer another person that 5% of the gross deposit.

Just a short intro of what our funding is all about.
We are a licensed trader in Binary, Cryptocurrency, stocks, futures, and Currency’s, you in turn receive some of the profits from those trades.
And you will receive your profit every six months from your deposit.
We are very good at what we do and we are fair and honest.
You can always ask for you deposit back or have it included in your profit to end it at any time after the 1st six months.
Here’s to our prosperity
We also donate portions of the profit to handicap children and their families, food to the hungry. Clothing and bedding to the needy.
We do a lot of humanitarian needs

Contact us at P.O.Box 207
Trenton SC 29847

Email address
Call or text 706-907-6375

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invest any amount.

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Marie Smith (C.F.O)
Marie Smith (C.F.O)

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Marie Smith is the C.F.O of the Secure Holding Company of New Zion Inc. Marie has been a Financial Manager for many companies in her time of service she is the most experienced Financial Manager that company has ever had Marie handles all the financial transactions between businesses and the Investments. Please feel free to contact her at the link above. Thank you

Secure holding Company of New Zion
Secure holding Company of New Zion

licensed by the Kingdom and Government of New Zion Certification Number 737knz.

All laws are established up under the kingdom of New Zion  upheld by the rights and duties of the Constitution