The Kingdom of New Zion 

The Kingdom of New Zion 



Now comes before you the King of New Zion and the 24 ELDERS of New Zion
These are now from this point forward will be the law's of the land until an assembly of the 24 elders of the kingdom and government. I will use the common language of man kind not the legal language where everyone can understand it. First law structures of businesses and corporation's from this point forward when I state business it will stand for a said above businesses corporation's and organization which are in the New Zion boundaries. All businesses should not exceed a half a million dollars a year and if it does it will be charged 50% of that when it goes over the half million dollars and all money is collected will go towards chairties and any organization that is assigned to disturb the funs. Which are the elders which are voted in by the people. Now on taxes it will be a flat rate of 15% of all goods that are sold also now that will only include after the based level cost of living is paid first that includes businesses and households. 
Now comes the base necciests to the citizens of New Zion. 

Home sizes will not conseed the needs of the family are companies are businesses 

Cars will be at moderit cost and will be no fancy vehicles or businesses and as long as it takes​ care of the family and businesses. 

The land will only be given by what is needed.
Now we going to talk about jobs and requirements and possions for male and female workers.
Male work's of New Zion:
Shall not be promoted to work with any females which are married unless it is his wife are children are sisters 
Female worker's shall not be promoted to work with any male's which are married unless it is her husband and children and brothers in exception for female's if they are over the age of 70
Young females may join the military if they sign a waiver but no married females will be promoted to join the military are females that have children and if they sign a waiver.
Selling of the goods of New Zion
Shall not be promoted to sell outside the Zion community all goods will be sold to the warehouse of New Zion to be sold outside of the community any other sells promoted inside the New Zion community.
This will include the base law's of the New Zion community and Nation.