The Kingdom of New Zion 

The Kingdom of New Zion 



We The People of the Ecclesiastical Sovereign State of the Kingdom and Government of New ZION, strive to be the freest country in the world, in order to form an even more perfect union, establish justice, improve domestic tranquility, provide for common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of freedom and liberty for ourselves and our prosperity, ordained this constitution for the Ecclesiastical Sovereign state of the Kingdom and Government of New Zion.

 Article 1- General Rights

 The rights of the inhabitants shall never be abolished, neglected, or ignored for any reason. They can never be voted away or amended so that the integrity of the rights will always be maintained. There shall be no gray area concerning the unalienable rights of the people.

The rights are absolute and shall not be interpreted to mean something they do not. As long as the founders of this constitution are still alive it may be changed by them for any reason at anytime.

Those people are his Royal Majesty King Nicodemus and the Prime Minister. In the event of the death   of one of these people the Royal Family, all 24 Elders, and both Quorums must reach a vote of at least nine tenths and have express permission from the King or Queen for a constitutional convention.
 The right to life-Everyone has the freedom to live. A fetus, from the moment
Of conception has a right to live unless it causes harm to the individual carrying it.

A person shall be allowed to kill in defense of their own life or too stop something from killing someone else or for purpose of hunting wild game and/or fishing. Rodents, Insects, Bug, and Spiders of any kind are excluded.

Citizenship and Naturalization-Any person born in New Zion is Natural born citizen thereof until they may decide for themselves. Right to the pursuit of Love and happiness-All inhabitants shall have the Right to love anyone or anything that they perceive that would make them happy unless it violates another inhabitants rights. Inhabitants shall be free of interference from the people that love each other as long as both parties are of age, are mentally capable of understanding the concept of love, and are consensual.The concept of “Love shall be defend as, “Love Suffered long, and is kind; Love envied not; Love parades not itself, is not puffed up, doth not behave itself unseemly, seek it not their own, is not easily provoked, thicket no evil; rejoices not in iniquity, but rejoice in truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, Love never failed.”

(b) “Of age” Shall be defined as: physical age of procreation as well as the Moment one understands the concept of love and their duties to be able to survive, and provide basic necessities for physical survival of both parties. One party should be able to take care of the other party if they are unable to take care of themselves.

Right to Bear Arms-All citizens shall be allowed to carry all the guns, Weapons, and ammunition they want equivalent to that of the military ( With the exception of weapons of mass destruction including but not limited to Nuclear, Atomic, Chemical, and Biological warfare), for the purpose of hunting wild game, self defense, and protection from tyranny and oppression after successful completion of an official certified weapons class and receiving a weapons permit. There shall be no gun free zones except courthouses and places of incarceration. It time of war weapons may be temporarily confiscated for protection of the country, its borders, and its people but will be returned during peace time. Any weapon that becomes missing in Action or damaged will be replaced or reimbursed for by the government. 
A well regulated militia is necessary to the freedom of New Zion and shall not be infringed.

Weapons permit-A background check will be required for a weapons permit, however the permit shall be good until the first month of the Jubilee year when it shall be renewed for a reasonable fee.

Because the length of time may differ depending on when a weapons permit is issued, the price will be prorated in accordance to the length of time until the next Jubilee. 

The requirements to pass the background check will be as follows: no murders, no armed robberies; and less than four violet charges in a 10 year period. The King or someone he appoints will review the case an additional fee and may grant a pardon in order for a person to acquire a weapons permit if a person cannot pass a background check and feels like they can reasonably explain their charges, however the King or someone he appoints is not obligated to pardon a person and no refund shall be given for the consideration from the King or someone he appoints.

Right to protect your Property and Living Quarters-In defense of one’s Belongings or the property for which one is the steward of, an individual may use all means of force necessary to stop the theft, destruction, and/or vandalism of said property and not be held liable for said defense. Only enough defense to stop said theft, destruction, and/or vandalism will be tolerated, (refer to Article 3, Paragraph 5 concerning wild game hunting.Freedom of Speech, Petition, Expression, and of the Press,-You can say and Publish anything you want as long as it is the truth, and non-threatening any fiction or parodies shall be published with a notification of such. All inhabitants shall have the right to petition the Government or Royal Family and Elders, Whistleblowers will be held in the highest respect, offered asylum, and protected when exposing government or employee’s corruption or crime of any country. This right does not protect against treason or conspiracy against New Zion or loud noise which disrupts the tranquility of the community or plays, movie theaters, seminars, and similar group functions.Freedom of Association and the Right to Assemble-There shall be no law Regarding who a person cannot be in the presence of unless a person needs witness protection, or acquire a protection order against another person no person may knowingly entertain the presence or association of any known terrorists.Right to Your Own Body-Any person from the age of 14 and up shall have to right to do with their body anything they like as long as it does not violate someone else’s rights including but not limited to consumption of food or beverage, tattoos, piercings, possess and/or consume any alcohol, plant, or fungus by any means. Pregnant woman forfeit this right automatically because they carry a living soul that can’t speak for itself.Freedom to Manufacture and Sell-In habitants of 18 and up may grow, Manufacture, prepare, and sell alcoholic beverages, organic plants and fungi of any kind.Right to Healthcare-Everyone has a right to adequate healthcare for all Injuries, ailments, and illnesses at any time with confidentiality between the patient and healthcare provider and have the right to receive health records upon request to the healthcare provider if it is feasibly possible.Assisted Suicide-Only if a person has a terminal illness shall be allowed to have assisted suicide by any civilized means; however video of an individual’s testimonial desire to have assisted suicide and a notarized affidavit will be required for this option.Right to Education-Everyone has the right to the best education they can possible acquire or the right to refuse to learn about anything they do not want to learn about and not be held against them or their parents. All education for the benefit and betterment of mankind and society is encouraged. All school shall be free of charge when feasible possible and subsidized by taxes.Rights of the Handicapped-No person with a mental or physical handicap shall lose any rights or privileges but shall have equal opportunity such as those without handicaps. They shall have the rights to any accommodations as physically or mentally needed as long as it is feasibly possible. Any test that can be verbally taught must be administered verbally or with hands on experience in any New Zion School.Right to Immigrate-You have the right to leave the country at any time prior to conviction on criminal record or incarceration however if a citizen or inhabitant leaves to another country to avoid criminal prosecution they shall be banned for life and shall be immediately deported upon return to the country. If a citizen or inhabitant leaves owing a debt to a citizen of New Zion, that debt shall be paid in full before re-entry to the country.Right to a decent living-Inhabitance have a right to a reasonable Compensation for their services and the right to compare in a free market enterprise regarding the price and quality of their products and services. Inhabitants are allowed to sell their products and services anywhere in their communities on public property as long as it does not in fridge on someone else’s rights or peace.Freedom from involuntary servitude-Inhabitants shall not be forced to work unless they are in debt to another person or the government, but if they are mentally and or physically incapable of working to pay their debt than they shall be exempt until they mentally and physically capable to do so.Right to Vote-Any citizen of the age of 15 and older shall retain the right to vote for political office, make suggestions of what to vote on, and actively participate in political activities. They must take a test of understanding of the political process. All inhabitants must be a citizen of New Zion at least seven years before they can vote.All places of incarceration shall have polling stations to allow prisoners to vote.Freedom from Unreasonable Taxation-There shall be no taxation without representation. Taxes will not be more than someone can afford and shall be based off of a sliding scale.Right of Jubilee-Every seven years all debts except criminal debts shall be forgiven.Elderly Rights-All New Zion citizens age 70 or more shall have their lifestyle necessities provides for if feasibility possible by the Kingdom and the Government of New Zion if they productive for at least 10 years of their life for the rest of their life.Any person over the age of 59 serving a criminal sentence shall be transferred to an assisted care home where they shall not be allowed to leave until they serve the remainder of their sentence.Parental Rights-All parents may keep their children unless deemed psychologically unfit to raise them or unless they violate Article 4, Paragraph 4(c) Children are properties of their parents until the age of 15 and may be disciplined in any way the parents sees fit except for physical damage more than strips or bruises. Stretching, Exercise, and Spanking below the waist on the back side of the body below the waist is acceptable, punishment. Both parents maintain the right to see, know, and develop a relationship with their children regardless of the way their parents feel toward each other if they are mentally and physically capable to maintain that relationship. Only married couples have the right to conceive children. (Refer to 

 Article 4, paragraph 2-3)

Welfare-Only married parents, and disabled people have the right to Supplemental income from the Kingdom if they are unable to maintain their bills until their youngest child is 15 years of age. The disabled and seniors maintain the right to welfare as well. Divorce and Adultery-There shall be no divorce granted and Adultery is a Crime which is considered to have victim(s).Children’s Rights-All children have supervised visitation with the Parents as a bare minimum if they are not in their parents’ custody and want to have a relationship with their biological parents.Rights of due process of law-All citizens may enjoy all the procedures of the court system of New Zion to ensure they are treated fairly and with just cause. No person shall be deprived of their Life, Liberty, or property without due process. A person must be told of the nature and reason of the accusations against them at the time of said accusation. Hearsay and testimony alone shall not be used to convict a person.Right to face your accuser-All defendants shall have the right to face their accuser(s) in a court of Law.

*   Right to council, and a Speedy Trial and Appeal-All people shall have the right to representation by effective council at a bench trial before one year has passed, from date of their arrest and retain the right to three appeals, with no respect to the time limit, to the Kingdoms Royal Family and the 24 Elders of New Zion.

You may choose to represent yourself at trial and keep your right to appeal. A Habeas Corpus may be filed with the Appellate Court, Supreme Court, or the King or Queen any anytime for the production of new evidence or if ineffective council can be proven.

(c) Freedom from Double Jeopardy, Expose Facto, and Retroactive Laws-No person shall be held accountable for the same crime twice and any laws passed after the commission of said crime shall be nullified so as not to be injurious to the defendant unless it is to the benefit of the defendant.

(d)  Integrity of an interrogation-All questioning of suspects shall have videos and audios recording so as to ensure no threats, duress, coercion, blackmail or violence is used to force a confession. No confessions shall be used in court unless it is recorded. Any testimony must be voluntary.

(e) Freedom of Privacy-All inhabitants shall have the right to freedom of search and seizure which is without warrant and probable cause which is defined as: 1) Multiple creditable witnesses (three or more) of different families, or (2) physical evidence of criminal activity. If a warrant is issued for a search or seizure it must be specific describing the things that may be search or seized. Any evidence obtained illegally is inadmissible and must be suppressed.

 (f) Right to Remain Silent-All people have the right to refrain from saying anything and not be punished for it. No threats, duress, coercion, blackmail, extortion, or physical violence may ever be used to force a confession of a citizen. 

(g) Constitutional Insurance-No person or branch of government shall violate the rights contained in this constitution for any reason. Anyone who violates these rights will be blacklisted, fired, and banned from future consideration of Kingdom or Government Employment opportunities for the rest of their life.

       Article 2-Post Conviction Rights

Freedom from cruel and unusual Punishment-All people shall be treated with respect and dignity with no respect to charges, allegations, or accusations. If someone is incarcerated they shall have reasonable accommodations’ including but not limited to clothing, shelter, food, medical care educational and recreational options, access to the courts, legal library, safe and comfortable quarters, and access to commissary. No arrest shall be made for a victimless or nonviolent crime. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. No person shall ever be beaten by an employee of the Kingdom or Government for any reason. Right to Comfortable Bedding-All prisoners shall have the right to a comfortable bed of adequate length and width, sanitary sheets and blankets and a comfortable pillow. Right to Heat and Air Conditioning-All places of incarceration must be able to maintain a comfortable temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Right to Conjugal Visitation-There shall be designated private rooms with Full size beds and clean bedding in every place of incarceration for the purpose of scheduled seven hour visitations. Right to limited internet-All prisoners shall have the right to use the Wi-Fi services at all places of incarceration to promote education, entertainment, and communication. Email services and social networking shall be free. Prisoners may receive any device for internet access from their contacts for the purpose. Prisoners shall have electrical outlets next to their bed. Diet-All prisoners shall have the right to vegetarian or Vegan meal option and have three meals every day. Smoking-There shall be smoking and non-smoking sections in all places of incarceration and they may purchase smoking materials from the commissary store. Forfeiture of Rights-All prisoners with the exception of mentally and or physically handicapped shall be assigned a work detail. Disciplinary action will results from refusal to work, Violence, or damage to property in which case a prisoner may temporarily lose their rights to internet access, Smoking, certain educational or recreational liberties, and visitation of any kind.

   Article 3-Animal Rights

  There shall be no abuse of animals, with exception to rodents, bugs, spiders, or insects of any kind. Any animal hunted, killed, and slaughter for food shall be attended to with the utmost respect and most painless way to the animal. All meat shall be Koshered and free of steroids or un-natural things. All animals that are pets shall have the same rights as humans with the exception of right to life concerning wild game and fish. No animals shall be held liable for any crime. No license shall be required for hunting and fishing, however no animal shall be hunted or fished for sport. All animals are hunted and fished must be cleaned, dressed, and eaten. The death of the animals’ and fish must not be in vane, Hunting and Fishing will only be allowed in its appropriate season. Skins may be used for furs but heads, antlers, and rabbits feed may be kept.

Article 4-Human Foods
 Right to Healthy Foods-All food, beverages, and plants shall be, organic, Free of pesticides and   not genetically modified. There will be an office of food and Drug Administration to insure all crops and agriculture are pure prior to public sales.Right to Clean Air and Atmosphere-No plane shall fly above thejurisdiction of New Zion for the purpose of disbursing chemical trials.

      Article 5-Religious Rights

All religious sects and denominations shall have the right to protect their people, spiritual and physical freedom anywhere as long as it doesn’t violate the privacy, rights, and peace of others at anytime.“Spiritual Freedom” shall be defined as: the environment in which they live or worship accordingly shall be peaceful and harmonious.

(b) “Physical Freedom” shall be defined as: the right to physically practice religion peacefully wherever they want at anytime as long as it doesn’t infringe on the privacy, rights, or peace of others.

 Recognized Religions-All religions practical in the jurisdiction of New Zion must be recognized by the King or Queen as a genuine religious institution. Conception of Marriage-Marriage may only be performed by any member of a recognized religion and then be notarized by a government official because marriage is a religious concept. Freedom of Religion-Anyone shall have the right to pray to whoever, whenever and wherever and worship however they like, and as long as they like, as long as it doesn’t violate the peace, privacy, and rights of others.Marriage-Marriage shall only be between a man and a woman.Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Relationships-Homosexuals may enter into a union relationship by sending a notarized declaration to the Government of New Zion. They may adopt children but conceive no biological children.The “Out of Wedlock Tax” Tax-Both parents of children that were born out of wedlock or union will taxed child support by the government who may take custody of the child for refusal to pay a “Out of Wedlock Tax” tax, The parents must split this, spend it on the child, and show receipts to an appointed official for the things they bought for the child’s well –being. Kingdom and Government Employment-It is not necessary to believe a particular religion to be employed by the Kingdom and or Government of New Zion however successful completion of specific classes regarding various forms of theology will be made mandatory for employment consideration.

     Article 6- Rights and Working of the Royal Kingdom

  The Ruler ship of Ecclesiastical Sovereign State of the Kingdom and Government of New Zion shall be in two branches known as the ‘Kingdom” and the “Government”. The Royal Kingdom is the highest branch and the government is the lower branch. The duty of the Royal Kingdom inkling the Royal Family, 12 Royal Elders, and a Royal Quorum of 72 shall be to oversee the government districts, its laws, the communities they serve and the treatment of such. No laws shall be enacted without the consent of the Royal Family and its Elders including but not limited to all laws concerning treaties or diplomatic relations shall be approved or disapproved by the Royal Family. The 12 Royal Elders of the Kingdom shall be appointed by the Royal Family. Their duty shall be to manage the government with close relationship to the prime minister to make sure all the rights of the people are always upheld with the highest regards. They shall serve as foreign diplomats. There shall be a Royal Quorum of 72 appointed by the 12 Royal Elders; Each elder shall appoint six Quorum members, who shall oversee all spiritual and church matters and other duties regarding the Kingdom. The Royal Elders and Royal Quorum are lifetime position’s unless they became mentally or physically incapable of upholding their duties or unless they violate the rights and or laws of the land in which case they shall be excommunicated and put into exile. No arrest shall be free from hindrance having immunity unless specific permission is granted by the King or Queen. There shall be 14 Royal Supreme Court judges to judge cases appealed to it for the jurisdiction of the entire nation, seven shall be male and seven female. Judges shall only judge their same sex. These are life time positions, maintaining immunity unless granted by the King or Queen.

 An annual report for the Kingdom and Government expenses shall be published yearly.

There shall not be any contact to an elected or appointed official from any lobbyist, political interest, or foreigner entities. In order for the country to pay its employees, it must maintain a financial surplus and not be indebted. Royal and Government employees shall not be paid if the country is in debt. All officials shall take this oath,~” I shall faithfully execute the office Of____________________ and will to the best of my ability preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution of the Ecclesiastical Sovereign state of the Kingdom and Government of New Zion.” The Royal Family shall have the power to grant pardons for crimes and to call people into Royal positions. The prime minister may have the same power if it is granted by the Royal Family in writing and witnessed by 2 other members of the Royal family. There will be no verbal approvals, and will be for only one specific duty.There shall be 12 Apostles and 12 Prophets of the Temple in theKingdom, who shall vote for the new successor after the death of the current King, but they must be in direct lineage in the direct bloodline if it is feasible. They may change the Monarchy to a Matriarchy if they choose too, but they may only choose a king or queen but not both, whomever they choose shall decide for who their spouse shall be, if they haven’t already.

  Article 7-Rights and workings of the Government.

All positions in the Government shall be elected by the people. Those positions are: Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, 12 government elders, Governmental Quorum of 72, there is the Appellate court and lower superior court each having 14 Judges. The judges shall be 7 male judges and 7 female judges. The judges shall only judge their same sex. All elected positions shall only be elected on the first Friday of each Jubilee Year and shall assume their positions 90 days after the election unless it falls on a Sabbath day in which case it shall be the following day at noon. They shall swear an oath of allegiance before God to defend the country, the Kingdom, the Royal Family, the inhabitants of the nation and its constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Limited Terms for elected Positions-Only Three terms of seven years will be allowed for any elected positions. Replacement of elected officials in case of death or Incarceration – The next lowest ranking official shall ascend to the higher position in unexpected circumstances and remain in the position until the next election. The duty of the Prime Minister is to make sure there is peace and harmony among the communities within the jurisdiction of the nation and to report the Elders and Kingdom all diplomatic issues concerning the nation. The prime minister works closely with the foreign minister and Royal Family and the entire Kingdom and Government concerning the public relations within the nation as well as any public concerns he or she feels is of importance. His or Her position is primarily of and regarding the interior and domestic issues of the nation however he or she retains diplomatic immunity as an ambassador as well. The duties of the Foreign Minister shall be primarily concerning foreign issues, trade deals, and treaties with other countries and serve as a representative to the United Nations. The duty of the 12 Governmental Elders and the Governmental Quorum of the 72 shall be the same as the Royal Elders and the Royal Quorum of the 72 except they will appoint employment of the important offices within the country and their living quarters will be assigned to and within the communities and districts of the nation giving them closer and more personnel relations with the citizens. They will not be foreign diplomats. Any elected official must be at least 21 years of age before taking office. Judges must be at least 30 years of age before taking office. The Elders and Quorums will have the power to impeach and expel an elected official by a vote of at least two thirds, but that decision may be appealed to the King or Queen. All elected or appointed officials shall receive compensation for their service and shall be paid from the treasury unless the country is indebted.

Article 8-Treason

 Treason against New Zion shall consist only as leveraging war against them or in adhering to their enemies giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless there is physical evidence presented or if they have openly confessed in a court of law. The Elders and the Royal Family shall have the right to decide the punishment for treason.


       Article 9-Supreme Law of the Land.

1.. Rights Of Ownership And Lease of Land- Ownership the land shall be given only to the headships of the kingdom by the King, Queen or Head of State and shall only be allowed the land as long as 60% of it stays productive and as long as it honors all rights and laws of New Zion and that right shall never be taken away from them unless petitioned by the royal family or voted by all 24 elders. Leases shall be allowed to the citizens of New Zion and that right shall never be abolished nor neglected for any purpose unless for treason against the Kingdom and Government Of New Zion or Ordered by the King and Queen or voted anonymously and unanimously by the 12 elders of the Government Of New Zion. 

2.  This constitution and the laws of Ecclesiastical Sovereign State of the Kingdom and Government of New Zion shall be the supreme law of the land. 

No laws shall be made contradicting this constitution in any way.