The Kingdom of New Zion 

The Kingdom of New Zion 


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Come join our Elite Marking program, for a small fee every month you will get your website or affiliate link added to our website that we sent out to all the big search engines. We constantly build up your business every day sending it out to marketers people that want to join a home business for extra income or Major income we consistently do that every month and you will receive sign-ups like you've never had before so come join us. Premium pack at ($25.00) monthly payment to see your banner on the front page and Standard pack at ($9.95) monthly for the links on the bar to the left there you can link your website that also includes banner and information about your website. please contact us for information or any questions you might have and we will do an awesome job for you.


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Land plot for sale

Almost 4 aches in Trenton SC right off Youngblood Rd flat parcel has a right away going through it plenty of land to build a nice home., garden fruit trees and more. In the country but yet close to shopping, hospital, short distance to mall, restaurants etc.Asking $49500.00 Contact

Welcome to Final touch beauty salon

Welcome to Final touch beauty salon render good services. I also stand as a consultant of hair care.
*Fixing of weavons
*Fixing nails
*Plating of hair
*Madicure and pendicure
*Make up.
Thank you so much please contact me at the address below.

Area command streat Opposite St. Theresa's church Jos. 


We have committed ourselves to the Heath of all by raising and growing Organic Crops and Animals.

We started planning and doing what we feel that what we eat is a very important part of our lives.
The future is at risk with the pesticides, GMO and growth harmonies. That is not in our vocabulary or in our system.

We go out of our way to raise and grow safe foods not something that will harm us.
Our Poultry and our Chicks are From Free Range for their health and ours . We mill all our feed from our own Grains that we grow., 
Our Products are: Farm Fresh Organic Eggs, Naturally Raised Meat Chickens, Laying Chickens, Chicks. 

All 1 day old chicks ($3.50) each plus shipping
20 and more ($3.25) Plus shipping
We will also have older chicks available that will sell at a extra ($1.00) each per week as available.

Contact us at: Marie Smith 678-899-9168 or Mail at: 1065 young blood rd. Trenton S.C. 29847
More info and supplies coming soon. New supplies and survices will be added daily.

New Zion Farms Organic Foods

Welcome to our organic foods our colonies and our citizens Supply Best Foods as possible to all of our citizens we go buy a standard that is above all  if you're interested in becoming one of our Farms please contact us


Welcome to The Order Of The Mageye for any donation get Tarot card readings and Amulets. Visit the link on the left.

I King Nicodemuz from the Tribe of Judah Leader of New Zion and the leader of the order of the mageye now come before you The order of The Preisthood of Malkizedek and The Order of the Levitical Preisthood also holding the Enochian keys of Heaven and Earth and as a Apostolic Qabalist Now come to ask all you Magi's to come support the Kingdom and Government of New Zion because these times are dangerous and we need​ the support Because we are in Spiritual battles in Heaven that will manifest here on Earth just as it is in Heaven. I have been told from the Heavenly Angels to call forth all Magi,s and the spiritual warriors as I can see I ask if you are interested in joining us please contact us and now I leave you in the presence of Elohim and as the Son of Light and as a Servant of the Shechinah. I leave you now in the light of the Creator. 

I Rabbi Nicodemuz come now asking on behalf of my New Zion Brothers and Sisters so they can have Financial support so they can afford to get the education they would need to be able to go out and  get the Jobs they would be qualified to do so they will be able to be self efficient in the whole community. I am asking for donations of $150.00's every two weeks and if you can't afford that much then please send what you can. All monies sent will be tax exempt and for every $150.00's that is sent there will be a honor and Diner Banquet thrown once a year for all the New Zion Brothers and Sisters and all those who support the New Zion Nation. There will be an invitation sent to all supporters of the brothers and sisters of the New Zion nation to come to the Banquet. Please keep us informed of any of your situations and Pray Request. Thank you and God Bless and may Our Lord Christ be with you and keep watch over you.
You may contact the below Minister for more information
Contact Information: 
The Minister of finances and of the interior of New Zion Mrs. Marie Smith  (678) 899-9168.
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  Thank you for your Support and Prayers for the New Zion Nation.

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